Aaron Labiaga

Google, Android Developer Relations Engineer

Talk Title

Gesture navigation best practices






14:30 > 40 min


on Twitter

Gesture navigation is a core part of Android and plays a crucial role in how users interact with their phones every day. Providing a consistent and predictable interaction is critical for creating a high-quality user experience. Ensuring your app works with gesture navigation helps create a more harmonious UX that the platform aims to achieve in Android 13 and forward by supporting the ahead-of-time APIs and removing support for KEYCODE_BACK and onBackPressed APIs.

In this session, we'll learn best practices for gesture navigation by transforming an app with a poor UX into one that users will love. These APIs handle common quality aspects such as: enabling predictive back gesture, managing visual overlaps to support edge-to-edge, handling gesture conflicts for visual components, leveraging immersive modes, and more.

Speaker Bio

At Google for 10+ years, Aaron started out as a Software Engineer engineer for 7 yrs before pivoting to the Developer Relations Engineer role; working in Ads and web technologies (Accelerated mobile pages) before joining mobile Android. In Android, Aaron works on yearly mobile releases with a focus in driving the adoption and app quality around SysUI features.