Aleksander Jaworski

Android Developer @ FootballCo

Talk Title

Calling Kotlin Multiplatform Coroutines from Swift with the help of KMP-NativeCoroutines






11:45 > 40 min


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The official way of using Coroutines from Swift is awkward and has a lot of limitations. These limitations can be addressed by creating handwritten wrappers, but that includes a lot of boilerplate. In this talk, I will show you how to use the KMP-NativeCoroutines plugin to overcome these limitations and reduce boilerplate, all while making coroutines fit in with Swift.

Speaker Bio

I’m a Kotlin Multiplatform enthusiast, working with it since 2020. First with Kotlin / JS, now fully mobile with Kotlin / Native.

I have a blog at mostly focused on Kotlin Multiplatform and Testing. Sometimes I also contribute to

I also like to lift heavy things from the floor and sometimes lift myself up