Aleksandr Efremenkov

Software Engineer @ Bolt, Android GDE

Talk Title

Copilot in Android: AI for boring stuff, people – for important






15:15 > 40 min


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Welcome to the exciting world of Github Copilot! Have you ever heard about Github copilot and how it helps with super smart auto-completion?

Join us as we dive into the capabilities of this AI tool and see how it can improve your workflow. We’ll take a deep dive into real projects to see how Copilot performs in the wild and explore the potential it has to make your life easier. Or harder.

Now it’s time to figure out how much it would help us with auto-completion of not only basic functions but also whole interaction scenarios. In this session, we will see how smart Github copilot is in real projects, will see how it may help with new projects, and watch for mistakes in doing and how it is worst in general.

But it’s not all fun and games - we’ll also discuss the ethical considerations of using AI in our work. Is it taking jobs away from humans? Or is it just a helpful tool that allows us to focus on important tasks? Come find out with us!

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Speaker Bio

Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Aleksandr is working on the Android stack core solutions that millions of European people use. Digger inside the Android platform and is always trying to understand how systems work from the inside. Part-time open source writer and conference speaker, mostly talking about Android internals and system layer.