Ayushi Gupta

Firebase GDE, WTM Ambassador,Senior Android Engineer @Zalando

Talk Title

A Small Leak Can Sink A Great Ship






17:05 > 40 min


on Twitter

Learn how memory leaks can impact app stability and user experience, and understand the challenges faced by developers in identifying and fixing such issues. Join this talk to explore LeakCanary 2 and how it can be integrated with a Firebase dashboard, enabling efficient detection and resolution of memory leaks. After attending this session, you’ll walk away with:

1. Understanding the significance of memory optimization for app performance.
2. Using LeakCanary 2 to detect memory leaks during development and testing.
3. Integration of LeakCanary with Firebase dashboard for comprehensive memory leak analysis.
4. Prioritizing bug fixes by collecting and analyzing memory leaks.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain practical insights into addressing memory leaks and enhancing your Android applications.

Speaker Bio

I thrive to create all kinds of application solutions for android mobile and TV with my code wand. I can be found coding a new world to solve any snag in this ever-changing fast-paced life.

I like to take up challenges and solve them with impactful solutions. So feel free to connect and we can figure out some solutions together.