Benjamin Adolphi

Head of Security Research

Talk Title

How to attack (and secure) an Android app: an introduction






10:15 > 30 min


on Twitter

Android applications can be attacked in a multitude of ways. This workshop will give an introduction to some of the most popular attacks. It will explain how the attacks work in theory, demonstrate how they can be done in practice, with which tools, and discuss possible ways an app developer can protect against them.

The following attacks will be discussed:

Reverse Engineering: Understanding how a compiled application works to retrieve potential secrets it contains.

Repackaging: Modifying an application on disk to change its behavior.

Hooking: Modifying an application in memory to change its behavior.

Debugging: Using a debugger to observe and manipulate the execution of an application.

This hands-on workshop will give developers clear insight into the tools, methodologies, and techniques attackers use to break into apps and what techniques developers can implement quickly to defend against those attacks.

Speaker Bio

Benjamin Adolphi is the head of security research at the mobile application protection company Promon where he investigates threats to mobile applications and how to defend against them. He is the creator of Promon’s mobile application Shielding products and has worked with mobile application security for more than ten years. His research interests include reverse engineering, operating system internals, and penetration testing. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering and a Master of Science in Information Security.