Boris Farber

Android Developer Relations Engineer at Google

Talk Title

5 ways to improve your Android build productivity






10:40 > 40 min


on Twitter

Everyone knows why developer productivity is important, but how do you start being productive with Android build?

In their talk at DroidCon Berlin, Boris Farber and Milosz Moczkowski will share their experience with Android build at Google to help you avoid five common pitfalls that affect your build productivity. Learn actionable ways to maintain build files, and keep great developer experience for your team. In addition we will show you how to use Gradle Recipes, our complete samples for showcasing Android Gradle Plugin common scenarios.

Speaker Bio

Boris is an Engineer focusing on Android optimization tooling. His technical interests include Android, Kotlin and Java I/O. Boris has broad experience in software development, customer facing and professional services, and currently works at Google as a Senior Partner Engineer.
In addition Boris leads ClassyShark and AS Poet, two popular open source apps to optimize Android app size and build