Can Yumusak

Android Engineer on TIDAL at Block

Talk Title

Explained: Compose Compiler and Runtime






10:10 > 30 min


on Twitter

In July 2021 Jetpack Compose hit a stable release, and since then, many Android Developers around the globe have been cherishing the new way to write Android UI.

Writing UI with Compose feels magical - especially since Compose Code seems to defy the rules of the Java Virtual Machine. So much so that one might wonder how Google build it in a Java-based environment!

With this talk we will deep-dive into the rabbit hole of Compose and demystify the superpowers that @Composeable functions offer. You will leave this talk knowing how to read Compose Bytecode, get started with Kotlin Compiler Plugins and see through the inner workings of Compose!

Speaker Bio

Building shiny things in the TIDAL Android app at Block. Former Tech-Lead of the myAudi.