Casper Kessels

Design Lead at Snapp Automotive

Talk Title

How Android Automotive Helps Us to Design and Build In-Car User Experiences






13:40 > 40 min


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Android Automotive not only brings much-needed functionality to the car industry, but it also improves the design & development process. We have created a process around Android Automotive that helps us build better in-car user experiences and we’d love to share what we have learned. In this talk, we will cover:

- The state of in-vehicle software design & the promise of Android Automotive
- How we leverage Android Automotive and Google's Android toolchain to rapidly build & validate prototypes
- How Jetpack Compose helps us design prototypes

Speaker Bio

I’m a designer with a passion for the mobility industry. You can often find me blog or talk about transportation design. I like to dip my toes into code and I believe bringing designers and developers closer together leads to better products.