Casper Kessels

Design Lead at Snapp Automotive

Talk Title

Building a Highly Customizable Theming Engine for Android Automotive using Jetpack Compose






15:15 > 40 min


on Twitter

We've spent the last year building an Android Automotive infotainment system as a product for carmakers. Core to this is our theming engine that allows each brand to create a unique user experience. In this talk, we will share how we leverage JetPack Compose to build an extensive theming engine that allows us to quickly build new UI themes, distribute them and update them with minimal effort, and how we matched our Figma design system to the theming engine.

Speaker Bio

I’m a designer with a passion for the mobility industry. You can often find me blog or talk about transportation design. I like to dip my toes into code and I believe bringing designers and developers closer together leads to better products.