Daniel Neamtu

Developer Advocate

Talk Title

Improve (and Simplify) Data Capture With Google’s ML Kit






13:40 > 40 min


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Join us in this session to learn how Zebra Technologies simplified & enriched the data capture experience by integrating Google's ML Kit into our solutions to enable developers to add Free Form OCR into their applications in a framework-agnostic way.

In this session, we will cover:

- Analysis of ML Kit - Benefits, features, use-cases
- Why we chose to integrate ML Kit
- The architecture of our implementation and the challenges we faced
- How our solution can be leveraged by any native Android or Cross-Platform application

Speaker Bio

Daniel Neamtu is the EMEA Developer Advocate for Zebra Technologies.

Daniel has a good Android Development experience with over 6 years of work on APPs and Modding/Custom ROMs projects.
He understands and is passionate about helping the developers improving their skills and getting the most out of it.