Daniil Popov

Senior Software Engineer @ Bolt Technology OÜ

Talk Title

Deep dive into DEX files byte-by-byte






17:00 > 40 min


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This talk is going to give you an understanding of what a DEX file is, what format it has, its purpose in the Android world, and its differences from the JAR format. We will cover the whole layout of the file, byte-by-byte, to check what's going on inside, which information it contains, and finally understand the issues behind the well-known 64K problem and how it is solved nowadays. #DEX #Dalvik #ART #ByteCode

Speaker Bio

Daniil has been doing Android development since 2012 starting with Android 2.2 and still remember the ActionBarSherlock if you know what he means. He used to work in both large companies and small startups. He’s been a product-oriented developer, developer-oriented platform engineer, and team lead of the Android group. Daniil is passionate to create tools and utilities to help other developers to deliver faster with expected quality. Composes and plays music in spare time. Proud father of two.