Diego Zuluaga

Google, Android Developer Relations Engineer

Talk Title

Gesture navigation best practices






14:30 > 40 min


on Twitter

Gesture navigation is a core part of Android and plays a crucial role in how users interact with their phones every day. Providing a consistent and predictable interaction is critical for creating a high-quality user experience. Ensuring your app works with gesture navigation helps create a more harmonious UX that the platform aims to achieve in Android 13 and forward by supporting the ahead-of-time APIs and removing support for KEYCODE_BACK and onBackPressed APIs.

In this session, we'll learn best practices for gesture navigation by transforming an app with a poor UX into one that users will love. These APIs handle common quality aspects such as: enabling predictive back gesture, managing visual overlaps to support edge-to-edge, handling gesture conflicts for visual components, leveraging immersive modes, and more.

Speaker Bio

Diego Zuluaga has worked at Google for the past 5+ years in the Android Devrel team as a Developer Relations Engineer. His focus is on Gesture Navigation and Messaging. His experience is in Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Google Assistant, API management with Google Cloud (Apigee), enterprise development, and top partner enablement.