Divya Jain

Lead Mobile App Developer

Talk Title

Deeplinks – Easy way to improve engagement






16:10 > 40 min


on Twitter

Imagine being able to navigate the users of your app directly to specific content they are looking for, instead of multiple clicks from the start screen. Deeplinks is a capability exactly meant for linking the users to deep parts of the app with one single click. In this talk, we will learn about
* What are the various app links and the benefits of using them for various scenarios
* How to implement and test deep links with live code examples
* How to achieve deep linking with the navigation library
* How to use deeplinks and instant apps to achieve consistent and smooth user experience
*Some tips and tricks around deep links in Android 12 and above

You will walk away with an understanding of how we can provide a quality navigation experience to our apps and make them more engaging.

Speaker Bio

I’m a Lead Android Developer, currently working on Hi-Road Auto Insurance App. I am an Android Enthusiast, also experimenting & learning other mobile frameworks like IOS, React Native with a goal to become a Holistic Mobile App Developer
I’ve been working on Mobile Apps (Android) for over 7 years and I love to create useful and user-friendly apps to make lives more easy and happy. You will also find me blogging about my code experiments and things I learn. I also speak at conferences and love traveling the world.