Dmytro Shuba

Android Release Tech Lead

Talk Title

Setting up Android UI Testing on CI






15:15 > 40 min


on Twitter

UI tests are tricky, demanding and expensive. It takes effort to set up the environment to run them remotely, but it is even more challenging to execute them efficiently. Nonetheless, UI tests are an essential part of Android development at scale.

In this session, I want to share how one can improve UI test performance and the environment for it so we will:

- Speak about how UI tests work
- Learn the ways to run them on CI
- Improve tests execution
- Optimise environment
- Review device performance
- Discuss some common pitfalls and issues

Speaker Bio

I am a Software Engineer, public speaker and open source contributor. I write about Android development, testing and mobile infrastructure in my engineering blog ( Sometimes I also give talks about Jetpack Compose and Mobile DevOps.
Love building scalable products that serve hundreds of thousands of lives around the world!