Ekaterina Petrova

Product Marketing Manager @ JetBrains

Talk Title

10 myths about crossplatform mobile development with Kotlin






09:20 > 40 min


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Kotlin Multiplatform was first announced in 2017. Since then, the technology has evolved, changed, and become surrounded by myths. In my talk, we'll discuss the most popular of these in detail, busting some and confirming others. Do you need to maximize the amount of shared code to unleash the full power of Kotlin Multiplatform? Is it possible to make your Kotlin API look nice in Swift? Is it hard to convince iOS developers to adopt Kotlin Multiplatform? Join the talk, and let's figure it out together!

Speaker Bio

I started my career in IT as an iOS developer back in the days of the iPhone 3GS. I tried different roles and worked as an engineering manager and even a CTO in a small startup. Three years ago, I joined JetBrains as a developer advocate for Kotlin. Now I have become a product marketing manager for Kotlin Multiplatform, as I love mobile development and strongly believe in a crossplatform approach, with Kotlin Multiplatform, of course. 😁  I’m also a co-host of a famous IT podcast for the Russian-speaking audience.