Gabriel Ittner

Senior Android Developer at Freeletics

Talk Title

Scaling Productivity: How we have improved our dev experience






15:30 > 40 min


on Twitter

Over the last years the Freeletics engineering department grew, so did our code base and business requirements. In this talk we will explain what we have introduced to help our Android engineers stay productive, reduce the time it takes to build new product features, while keeping the barrier of entry for new joiners as low as possible.

Join us to learn how we approach engineering productivity at Freeletics, how we measure productivity, lessons we have learned and principles we are applying (borrowed from the lean startup methodology).

No worries, we will not only stay theoretical. In fact, we will share concrete tactics and solutions on how we have solved real world productivity problems at Freeletics. Amongst others: how do we deal efficiently with dependency injection, how we have reduced repetitive tasks and the need of writing boilerplate code, in app navigation in a highly modularized repository while keeping build times acceptable, how an architecture tailored for productivity can accelerate teams without sacrificing maintainability or readability, speeding up writing efficient tests.

Gain guidance and inspiration from this talk on how you can improve your and your Android colleagues productivity.

Speaker Bio

Gabriel is originally from Berlin but now lives in Munich where he works at Freeletics. He is developing Android apps since 2011 and is particularly interested in app architecture and code generation.