Ian Clifton

Developer Relations Engineer, Android - Google

Talk Title

Invest in Real State: A workshop for State in Compose






11:20 > 00 min


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All applications handle state: whether it is your list of bookmarked items or the products in your shopping cart, your application needs to be able to request information, process it, and display the UI according to the current state. It should also handle updates of this state, which can happen from different sources.
With Compose, handling state doesn’t have to be difficult!
In this workshop you’ll learn hands-on how the unidirectional data flow works, how to manage state and work with APIs like remember, rememberSaveable and mutableStateOf to build rich and interactive Compose applications.

Speaker Bio

Ian has been working with Android since 2009 with a heavy emphasis on user experience. He currently works as a Developer Relations Engineer at Google, focusing on Jetpack Compose.