James Swinton-Bland

Global Developer Relations Lead

Talk Title

Creating Applications for Small Screen, Low Memory Android Wearables






12:10 > 20 min


on Twitter

Developing for small screen, low memory wearable devices can present unique challenges for developers. These challenges include: - UI Design - Battery & Power Management - Memory Usage - Managing User Input In this talk, we will discuss best practices and give you practical tips to get the most out of wearables. In particular, we will look at: - Key differences between mobile & wearable app development - Small Screen Design Principles & Best Practices - Designing for critical tasks - Optimizing for the wrist - Consuming data from multiple sources - Enabling enterprise use-cases with wearables

Speaker Bio

James Swinton-Bland is the Global DevRel Lead for Zebra Technologies. As an Android developer with over 7 years experience, James has a solid understanding of what developers need and is passionate about improving the developer experience in Zebras developer community, both internally & externally.