Julio Zynger

Developer Productivity @ Gradle

Talk Title

Improving developer productivity with Gradle Enterprise in 2023






10:15 > 40 min


on Twitter

This year has been quite an exciting year for Gradle Enterprise features and Gradle Enterprise customers. With Julio representing the Gradle Enterprise Developer Platform Team and Nelson representing the Solutions team and Gradle Enterprise customers, we’ll cover a broad range of developer productivity tips and topics.

We will start by discussing some of the common Gradle issues facing Android developers. We’ll cover some build cache misses and configuration cache issues as well as how to debug them and solve them. After that we’ll dive into the newly released Gradle Enterprise feature most commonly requested Android devs: Artifact Transforms in Build Scans. Then we’ll wrap it up by previewing some upcoming Gradle Enterprise APIs and how to use them in your day to day workflow.

Note: talk title and abstract were slightly adjusted

Speaker Bio

I have worked developing many big codebases, including the biggest classifieds company in Brazil, Autodesk’s A360 app, SoundCloud, where I passed through multiple teams and roles, and more recently Gradle, working on providing a great developer experience for colleagues inside and outside the company.