Kinnera Priya Putti

Mobile developer at ioki

Talk Title

The Curious Case of Android Gesture Animation






13:30 > 30 min


on Twitter

Have you wanted to do a fun and addictive user responsive animation on Android? I implemented a stretchy drag gesture animation with the androidx.core.animation library by following an iOS tutorial! I then recreated it in Jetpack compose for the #AndroidDevChallenge. In this talk, I’d like to walk through the implementation of this fun drag gesture with the lesser-known ViewDragHelper class and Jetpack compose.

Speaker Bio

Kinnera (she/her) is an Android Developer at ioki, working on the platform features for the white label apps. After a degree in electrical engineering, she worked a few years in Tokyo with Android and React Native and was a Lead for WomenWhoCode Tokyo. A little over a year ago, she moved to Frankfurt and joined ioki. She believes sugar comes before everything else and will not ask you to prove otherwise.