Klaus Gaßner

Paradox Cat, Director Development

Talk Title

RAMSES – An Open Source 3D Graphics Tool Chain for Android






16:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

RAMSES is the 3D rendering solution used for series production at BMW. It is open source and by incorporating valuable feedback from the community it has evolved from a mature rendering engine into a full-fledged 3D tool chain. It embraces modern concepts like a WYSIWYG editor and open standards like glTF, and can be easily integrated into the Android ecosystem.

The talk will give an overview about the features and uses of this OSS toolchain in Android.

Speaker Bio

Klaus is an UI expert and has been creating embedded HMI systems for premium automotive brands for about 20 years. Most of these embedded UIs were already based on Java, so the transition to the Android platform in current projects did feel natural. He enjoys forging the opposing forces of challenging requirements, limited embedded hardware and latest technology into new and practical solutions. He believes in agile and open source ideas. His recent work has focused on OpenGL rendering and embedded graphics toolchains.