Kristijan Vidovic

Mobile Engineer @GetYourGuide

Talk Title

Building Bridges with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM): How we added KMM to our established App






17:05 > 20 min


on Twitter

Learn how we integrated Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) into our Android and iOS codebase. We will share our experience, challenges, and best practices for adding KMM to existing apps.

Our focus will be on the social benefits of integrating KMM, including how sharing code across platforms has improved team dynamics, communication, and development efficiency. Additionally, we will outline our strategy for persuading developers (especially iOS developers) to adopt KMM, and how we successfully addressed initial skepticism.

Furthermore, we'll provide insights into how we planned and executed our KMM MVP and what we learned from it, how we were able to integrate KMM as smoothly as possible into the Android and iOS codebase. We'll discuss how we're moving forward with KMM, including our plans for further implementation, optimization, and development.

Speaker Bio

iOS developer at heart with enthusiasm for tinkering with AR and Android.