Kylie Bremer

Automation Engineer Developer at Just Eat Takeaway

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The evolution of Quality Engineering






14:35 > 20 min


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Common understanding that testing is part of Quality Assurance? What if I tell you that is not where Quality starts or ends. Where Quality Assurance comes up with the ideas there is Software Engineering to implement them. Those two should not be treated like separate islands, but can perfectly go as one. Combining these will give us the Quality Engineer.

I will take you through the evolution of Quality Engineering and will show you how your team can benefit from it.

I think it's safe to say that we are all on the same page when talking about how we can get a high quality product at the end through a process that fits the whole team and where every aspect of development is as important.
Where Quality Assurance in many companies has the knowledge to make sure all quality gates (manual and automated checks) are being achieved by testing until the release - Quality Engineers additionally to that, also has the knowledge about how those quality gates can be implemented, maintained, and improved.
This additional knowledge can make a huge difference in the way the quality of a product is being handled, because now we can extend quality to a much deeper level and offer support in a much broader way.

Quality Engineering is about implementing the use of the right automated testing tools to provide a safety net for engineers and the rest of the team. The implementation of these testing tools is different for every company, because you need to figure out how these should relate to each other to benefit from them. But once they are implemented and used in a way that fits your team, you will notice how valuable they are.

I can only speak from my experience and that is why I want to guide you through the process of how these were successfully implemented and handled within Just Eat Takeaway. Hopefully, this will give you some great insights on how to start this journey within your own team.

The talk will not contain all the testing tools that are available but will show you a combination of tools that worked for me and that I’m still working on with great passion, like:

- Manual and Automation testing and how to achieve efficiency
- Screenshot testing
- Code-style analysis by using Sonarqube: A tool to secure code quality and code security
- Quality Gates to secure performance, security, usability, functionality and reliability
- How you can use scripts to optimize flows in your team.
- CI/CD: A software development approach that emphasizes the continuous and automated integration, testing and delivery of code changes to ensure that software can be released reliably and quickly.

When a developer looks at the architecture they want to build the product - the Quality Engineer is looking for the architecture of the quality tools and checks which should be in place.
The presentation will be about the idea of how many different tools can be smartly built in a software development life cycle and how Quality Engineering is helping there.

Speaker Bio

Kylie is working as an Automation Engineer Developer for Just Eat Takeaway, focussing on the quality of the applications they deliver. With combining Software Engineering and Quality she is always aiming to improve and optimize flows, making sure that testing environments are being set-up as efficient as possible.