Mada Aflak

Ex-Twitter, Pros-OpenAI. Staff Software Engineer

Talk Title

What I wish I knew when I was a junior developer that I would tell as a staff software engineer






11:45 > 40 min


on Twitter

During many many years we always thought of becoming an expert at a particular technology. First learning the technology and lately mastering that subject.
In our careers, from a junior to a seasoned engineer perspective, we learned many lessons, mainly from our mistakes of course.
When we trained for interviews, read books about software engineering or soft skills or even training for sports competitions. Under those circumstances we built courage, we became proud of what we made. Or at least we should be.

In this panel, we’ll share what we wish we knew when we started working as an amateur engineer. What would help us progress in our career in more ways than just management. What parallelisms between training for a sports competition could be applied to a developer’s preparation towards higher levels in a career ladder. The positive and negative signs that might indicate which path we might prefer to follow. Not all finish as a manager position if you like the engineering side of things. So why not follow your instincts?

Speaker Bio

My name is Mada, and I am an Android Staff Software Engineer with a passion for developing consumer-facing products. I have a strong track record of building products from scratch and iterating rapidly to achieve the optimal product-market fit. Some of my notable achievements in recent years include leading the development of the Twitter Spaces feature on Android, which competes with Clubhouse. Additionally, I successfully implemented features such as Periscope multi-broadcaster video streaming, NFT profile picture integration, Twitter ID verification, and more. After witnessing Elon Musk’s acquisition for almost 10 months, I made the decision to leave and join OpenAI.