Madona Wambua

Senior Android Engineer

Talk Title

The New Modern Data Persistence on Android – Meet Jetpack Datastore






09:20 > 40 min


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It is fair to acknowledge that Android moves fast; that should not deter us but encourage us to proceed with it and adopt the recommended changes over time. Furthermore, Modern Android Development is the way to go; since we have great libraries.

This talk discusses modern data persistence on Android utilizing Jetpack's DataStore, a reliable and efficient solution for data storage on Android. In addition, this talk seeks to explain the need for data persistence in mobile applications and how DataStore provides a type-safe and reactive API for reading and writing key-value pairs.

The talk highlights the advantages of using DataStore for data persistence, including improved performance, consistency, ease of use, and type safety, and concludes by emphasizing that DataStore is an excellent choice for modern mobile applications, offering developers an effective and reliable solution for data persistence.

Speaker Bio

Madona is an Author, Keynote Speaker, Senior Android Engineer, and Google Developer Expert for Android with over years of experience building Android Applications. She is also a GDG NYC Lead, Women Tech Maker Ambassador, a host of Tech Talks with Madona, and a developer who enjoys sharing her Android knowledge and teaching others how to make Android applications.