Marc Reichelt

Senior Android Engineer @ Snapp Mobile

Talk Title

Dancing with Elephants: Gradle Tips and Tricks






10:30 > 40 min


on Twitter

We all use it, and yet most of us only scratch the surface. Let's extend our Gradle knowledge, and discover tricks to make us more productive!

We'll learn some CLI tricks to run Gradle tasks faster, how to use caching and continuous mode to make our testing workflow blazingly fast, discover that debugging Gradle scripts actually is a thing, how to use the Gradle Profiler to determine how much faster our builds with the new Kotlin K2 compiler will be or how to benchmark our incremental build times, and much more!

Speaker Bio

Android dev since 2009. Loves Kotlin so much that he became a Kotlin trainer. On a mission to make code sharing on mobile easier using Kotlin Multiplatform + Native. ♥️
As an organizer of the GDG Rhein-Main in Frankfurt/Germany, he likes helping people in achieving their goals and learning about new technologies.