Mário Augusto Mota Martins

Senior Android Engineer at Just Eat Takeaway.com

Talk Title

How to build a Clean SSEClient Flow






11:15 > 20 min


on Twitter

The aim of this talk is to propose a recommendable set of well known technologies and architectures to achieve an Android feature that is updated in real time by a server. In order to do so, we will try to explore these options by explaining it and comparing to other viable options we have for:
- Server x Client communication: WebSocket or SSE?
- Data streaming: Which implementation of Flow? Why not LiveData?
- Architecture: Why Clean Architecture? How to apply it?

Speaker Bio

My name is Mário Martins. I’m a 32-year-old engineer from Brazil. I’ve been working in the field since 2012, starting with my first startup. After that, I worked as an Android engineer at senior and staff levels in multiple companies with clients from different countries. Currently, I’m working at Just Eat Takeaway.com as a senior Android engineer in the Netherlands. Although I really like presenting and writing, I haven’t had many opportunities to present in my career so far, just within the companies where I’ve worked. So, I’d like to change that, and it would be amazing to be able to present at Droidcon.