Mario Bodemann

Developer Evangelist

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Visualizing Assertions for Complex Logic Tests






14:40 > 40 min


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Have you ever faced reading a unit test and had no idea what it tests, because the assertions where to complicated, even with domain knowledge? How about you would be able to actually see the discrepancy between the result and the expectation, without needing to decipher cryptic exceptions. Luckily this is easy for simple data types, but how about dealing with huge custom types? Is there a way of visualizing those differences?

The answer will be presented in this talk: The idea is to leverage the power of utf-8 and transforming the complex datasets into human readable or even visually pleasing data sets, so you can immediately see, where the error is.

By the example of a simple chess app, I will visualize some tests looking like this

"█░█░█░█░n" +
"░█░█░█░█n" +
"█░█░█░█░n" +
"░█░█░█░█n" +
"█░█░♟░█░n" +
"░█░█*█░█n" +
"█░█░█░█░n" +

making the failure way more easier to spot and then also to correct.

Join for learning more about unit tests easing, utf-8 characters, and how to leverage those learnings for your use cases.

Speaker Bio

Hey, I am an enthusiastic Evangelist for Deutsche Telekoms upcomming developer portal, exploring internal offerings and external use cases, trying to connect both through technology.

Additionally I help as a Google Developer Group Co-Organiser in Berlin @Berlindroid and love to inspire people to broaden their knowledge in the Android ecosystem.

Feel free to talk🗣️ to me or reach out to me ⌨️.