Marjana Karzek

Senior Mobile Engineer @ GetYourGuide

Talk Title

Achieving Maintainability: Best Practices for Keeping Your Android App Up-to-Date






13:25 > 40 min


on Twitter

Keeping an Android app up-to-date and maintainable over time can be challenging, especially as new libraries and best practices emerge. Refactoring the entire codebase whenever a new technology becomes available is not always feasible or efficient. However, letting the codebase stagnate can result in a bloated, hard-to-maintain app.

In this talk, we will share our experience and best practices for keeping your Android app in a maintainable state for an extended period. We will cover two sides of maintenance: technology and social; Covering topics such as tooling, CI/CD, testing and refactoring strategies, as well as strategies to convince the management, establishing a culture and app vision.

Our goal is to help you adopt a mindset prioritising maintainability and sustainability, so you can move towards a more modern and efficient codebase that can accommodate future libraries and technologies.

Speaker Bio

Navigating the Android world for 5 years, UX enthusiast, hobby chef.