Markus Gilles

Co-Founder and CEO of

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Green Tech Development & Social Responsibility






10:10 > 00 min


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Developing “green” software is a skill that will rapidly become an imperative in order to help achieve the ambition of climate neutrality. Beyond developing energy-efficient software and optimizing device performance, Android devs can reach over Android over 2.5 billion active users spanning more than 190 countries worldwide. This reach gives our community an unparalleled opportunity to develop apps that help drive climate neutrality and drive social change on a global scale.

- How can we develop more sustainable software?
- What skills do we need to learn to develop “green”software?
- What apps can we develop to drive more social change and initiative to combat climate change?
- How can we promote more investment in climate action projects?
- What tech-solutions can we develop to help meet climate-change goals?

Speaker Bio

Motivated by a desire for positive social change, Markus studied Sociology and Political Science in Berlin, Paris and Toronto. He started his career in sustainability advocacy at the German Fair Trade Forum, before a fascination for technology and its potential for good brought him into the startup world. After exiting his last company Hyper – a platform for quality video journalism – Markus took a break from startup life and backpacked from Alaska to Patagonia. What started from a desire to explore our natural planet, turned into a mission to save it. Seeing firsthand how our ecosystems have become under threat everywhere, Markus founded Klima to help protect and restore the world we love.