Matt Creaser

Senior Android Developer @ AWS

Talk Title

Add Authentication to Your App in Minutes with AWS Amplify






11:05 > 20 min


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We all know that authentication is hard. The proliferation of cloud-based identity providers has helped, with many offering convenient client-side SDKs that help you build faster. Amazon Cognito and AWS Amplify can do the heavy lifting of securely authenticating and authorizing your users, but you still need to implement UI flows for signing users up, resetting passwords, collecting confirmation codes, and verifying account recovery mechanisms - that’s a lot of work! That’s why we’ve built Authenticator, a drop-in solution in Jetpack Compose that, together with AWS Amplify, can get you from zero to done in minutes.
In this talk we will explore using AWS Amplify’s Authenticator component to add a complete authentication flow to your Jetpack Compose application in just minutes, with zero manual configuration. We’ll start with using the Amplify CLI to provision your backend, add Authenticator and AWS Amplify libraries, demonstrate the working example, and touch on some of the configuration and customization options available.

Speaker Bio

Matt is a senior Android developer working on the Amplify library at AWS. He’s been focused on Android for the last ten years, creating both applications and SDKs, and has a passion for building and creating, no matter the medium. Matt is based out of Halifax, in Eastern Canada, where he lives with his +1 for life, two kids, and their dog and cat.