Meike Felicia Hammer

Android Lead @ adesso mobile solutions

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Chaining Jetpack Compose modifiers beyond intuition






11:25 > 20 min


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Did you know - the order in which we chain modifiers in Compose can have a significant impact on the resulting layout and size of our composables?

In this session, we'll explore the mechanics of modifier chaining in Jetpack Compose and learn how to reason about its effects on the sizes of our composables.
We'll start by examining the basics of modifier chaining and the various types of modifiers that can be used in Compose.
Next, we'll dive deeper into the nuances of modifier chaining and how it can affect the size and layout of our composables.
We'll cover topics such as the measurement and layout process in Compose and the role of modifier order in determining the size of a composable.

Through practical examples you'll learn how to effectively chain modifiers and reason about their effects on your composables.
At the end you'll have a solid understanding of modifier chaining in Jetpack Compose and be equipped to create layouts that are both beautiful and functional.

Speaker Bio

Meike Felicia Hammer is a Senior Software Engineer at adesso mobile solutions GmbH and is responsible for the Android department. She has been working on mobile app development since 2009 and is regularly pleased with the implementation of related backend-for-frontend systems. Meike Felicia has been a fan of JetBrains, including Kotlin, for a long time. She is also known as the organizer of the Kotlin User Group Karlsruhe and as a speaker at MobileTechCon, Python Summit and KKON.