Mikhail Kulaha

Compose engineer @ Google

Talk Title

Creating your first Wear OS app using compose






10:20 > 40 min


on Twitter

This will be an introductory session into the world of wearable apps. In this session we'll discuss how to create a latest up to date wearable app by using "Compose for Wear OS" and Horologist - compose libraries developed by Google.

We'll also discuss best practices for creating such app - screen structure, what should and shouldn't be in the app, things to keep in mind for Wear OS app development.

We'll also cover key components in Wear Compose such as:
ScalingLazyColumn, Cards, Curved components, etc.

Speaker Bio

Hey everyone ! I’m a passionate Android engineer with a decade of experience, currently making waves at Google with projects like Wear Compose and Horologist. During my previous experience I’ve dabbled in everything from Kotlin to Coroutines, and I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge. I’m eager to give my talk at the conference and engage in some lively discussions with all of you!