Milos Marinkovic

EM @ Delivery Hero

Talk Title

ZeBadge: The community badge – what?






14:45 > 20 min


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This is the talk. The one and only you need. Especially if you are a lucky one that got a badge from the GDG Berlin Android at their booth: Follow us on our journey on how we build the Android App, established a communication protrocol and how we actually bought real live hardware. Additionally we will be talking about python and how you can update the badge and the apps with new features and requirements.

Hardware? Android? USB-Cs? Kotlin? Python? Monochrome Bit-Design? Everyone is welcome here and please join us for the ride.

Speaker Bio

I like to share ideas through presentations and writing. If you see something related to technology, I’ll probably like it.
I am a software enthusiast, product developer, technical leader, speaker, event organizer, and avid skier.

My main interests are organizations, apps, cloud, electronics and smart devices. I also often read or listen about innovation, computer science, and organizational management.

In my spare time, I (try to) travel, speak at conferences, coach, and work on open-source projects.