Mustafa Khaled

Senior Android Developer at REWE International

Talk Title

Super fast Jetpack Compose with Relay






13:50 > 40 min


on Twitter

No doubt that Jetpack Compose make Android Developers life easier, However, Relay make it more and more.
Relay is the integration between Figma and Android UI to auto-generate the Composable function as designed in Figma. Moreover, any change on Figma could be reflected to the Composable functions automatically.
This official integration makes 99.99% matching between the UX/UI design and the Android UI Implementation.

Speaker Bio

I’m experienced Android developer with over 5 years of industry expertise. With a strong passion for mobile app development, I honed their skills to create innovative and user-friendly applications with 5+ downloads.
Besides developing Android applications. I like to guide and mentor juniors and starters developer. As a mentor at MentorCruise, I actively contribute to the growth and development of aspiring developers, sharing my knowledge and insights.

Currently, I’m an integral part of the dynamic team at REWE International AG, situated in Vienna, Austria. In this role, I contribute to the development of cutting-edge Android applications, backend development, focusing on enhancing the customer experience and optimizing business operations. Their commitment to staying updated with the latest industry trends and technologies ensures that they deliver robust and scalable solutions.
During my career, I had the opportunity to work at different companies, for example Vodafone, a leading telecommunications company. Not to mention working in banking sectors and Cryptocurrency industry.