Nelson Puglisi

Android Team Lead, Embrace

Talk Title

How to successfully shift from app development to SDK development






10:15 > 40 min


on Twitter

While 99% of Android engineers spend their time building high-quality mobile apps, very few understand what goes into building the SDKs that those apps rely on. In this talk, we’ll cover several best practices when building high-quality SDKs or libraries in Android, including how to best measure performance, how to make your library developer-friendly, and the change of mindset required when your end user is now a developer like yourself.

Speaker Bio

Passionate software crafter, TDD enthusiast, and Clean Code advocate. Wine lover. DBZ fan. With 20 years of experience, Nelson has worked for big corporations and very small startups in various industries like Agriculture, Entertainment, E-commerce, Manufacturing, and Banking. After jumping into the mobile world, he has helped build e-commerce, video streaming products, real-time entertainment, news, social media, and public transportation applications. Now he’s on a journey to make developers’ lives easier.