Nick Skelton

Google Developer Expert

Talk Title

Smarter Application Caching with Kotlin Flow






15:30 > 40 min


on Twitter

Does your app work offline? How much of your users' session time is spent watching a loading indicator? What differentiates your Native App from a Web App?

This talk will demonstrate a new and advanced way to cache your data in your app using Kotlin Flow and provide your users with a user experience that enables them to interact with your app while they are disconnected from the backend. The session will involve an explanation as to why this idea is novel, a demonstration of the idea in action, and finally a brief code walkthrough of the implementation itself.

Speaker Bio

Nick is a Google Developer Expert from Australia (although he lives in Germany) and Android Freelance Developer. He works full time remote from Munich as an Android Developer in a team that is spread all over Europe. He has given talks at Droidcon Madrid and Krakow as well as UaMobi.Tech Ukraine. He is also a co-organiser of the Kotlin Meetup in Munich Germany where he gives regular lightning talks and enjoys engaging the community.