Nuno Palma

Android Developer

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Faurecia & TIDAL: building Apps for Android Automotive






10:20 > 40 min


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Android Automotive (AAOS) is a new trend among car manufacturers (OEMs). However, the Android developer community does not seem as excited as the OEMs with it. Being because there is a long gap between OEMs announcements and cars actually hitting the roads, because the number of potential users is incomparably smaller than for mobile devices, or simply due to a lack of knowledge of what is needed to build an app for AAOS.

On this session, we will present a step-by-step approach to bring apps live to Android Automotive, sharing the experience from TIDAL building an AAOS media app.
At the end of the session the participants should be able to know:
- What is Android Automotive and how is it different from Android Auto
- What is the difference between systems using Google Automotive Services (GAS) and non-GAS systems
- What are “templated” apps
- What is Car UI library and how OEMs are customizing it
- How to make sure your app follows the driver distraction guidelines
- How to build media apps for AAOS
- What tools are available to develop and test your AAOS apps
- How to deploy and publish your apps to the cars
The talk will be jointly presented by Nuno Palma and Ziad Al Halabi, bringing two different perspectives to the spotlight:
- the one of an app developer that is building and publishing an app
- the one of an app store and tools developer, that is building the tools to bring other apps into the cars.

TAGS: Android Automotive, AAOS

Speaker Bio

He’s pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Cyber-Security from IST Lisbon.
He currently works as Android developer at Faurecia Aptoide Automotive building an Android Automotive App Store client app and the tools to bring Android apps into the cars.
He developed and published an app called After All This Time.