Paulina Strychacz

Senior Android Developer

Talk Title

Beyond Code: Building trust in multinational and (not only) remote teams






11:25 > 20 min


on Twitter

Remote and international team setup brings many challenges including cultural differences, communication barriers, time coordination. Sounds familiar? In the post-pandemic world remote job offers are much more desired by engineers - double the number of applicants for remote positions vs on-site ones. But what is crucial for an effective collaboration in distributed teams? How to create a bonded team out of a group of individuals with different cultural backgrounds? An analysis of an on-site setup that failed, and a remote one that succeeded. We will explore how different leadership styles can affect team cohesion - examples from autopsy and 10 years career as a software developer.
By the end of this talk, attendees will be equipped with practical strategies for managing a multicultural team. They will leave with a better understanding of what makes a successful remote team and easy to apply techniques for bonding its members.

Speaker Bio

Paulina has worked as an Android Developer for over a decade. She’s been a Kotlin fan for more than 6 years. Berlin based. Currently open for new job opportunities.
Privately she travels a lot, loves to dance UrbanKiz and Tango and recently discovered calligraphy.