Philipp Nowak

Senior Android Developer @ Chefkoch

Talk Title

Compose Performance: Hunting for unnecessary recompositions






16:10 > 40 min


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Compose is a powerful UI framework which enables many cool (new) things often done much easier than with the View system before. But "with great power comes great responsibility" a wise man once said. Compose empowers you to do things wrong if you don't act carefully. In most cases you won't experience any negative consequences but sometimes you will see some performance issues, especially when scrolling through a list or animating elements.

In this talk we will have a look on the topic of unnecessary recompositions by using 3.5 example situations and see, how we can detect the recompositions, how we can better understand what's actually going on and of course how to fix the shown issues.

After this talk you will be able to check your app for recomposition issues, fix related findings in your own code base and know which patterns you might want to avoid while writing Composable functions in the future.

Speaker Bio

I started Android development back in my school days when Android 4.x was present. After playing around in many smaller projects like a “4 Pictures 1 Word” clone for film titles, I jumped into professional Android development and was part of the Android team at DB Navigator, the #1 public transport information app in Germany. Several years later I moved on to the next big project where I’m currently at: Chefkoch – Europe’s largest online food platform. Luckily, being a good cook wasn’t a requirement for joining them and so together with my colleagues I am constantly improving our Android app to help people finding delicious recipes and being a better cook than me (which is actually not hard at all).