Ran Nachmany

Developer Relation Engineer, Android.

Talk Title

Responsive UIs for tablets, foldables, and other devices.






11:50 > 40 min


on Twitter

The rising popularity of tablets and foldable devices unlocks opportunities to address a new range of user experiences in innovative ways. This talk will cover how to design and build Android applications that look and feel great across all device types and screen sizes, from phones to tablets, foldables and ChromeOS. We'll introduce canonical layouts as a starting point for your designs and deep dive how to implement them. In this talk you will learn how to adapt your app to different screen sizes whether your app is built using multiple activities, fragments or compose. We will also demonstrate and walk you through how Google chat team adapted their app to provide exceptional user experience on tablets and foldables

Speaker Bio

Ran compiled his first code when he was 6 and has been moving bits since.