Ritesh Gupta

Senior Staff iOS Engineer

Talk Title

Multi-Repository KMM: Streamlining Artifact Generation and Distribution






15:10 > 40 min


on Twitter

The official KMM sample generates a monorepo, which combines all the platforms (iOS & Android) and shared code into a single repository. However, in the real world or when integrating KMM into existing apps, they are often located in separate private repositories, each with their own dedicated tooling and CI/CD pipeline.

During the development of a production app with multiple repositories, our team faced numerous challenges when attempting to automate KMM artifact generation and publication with separate repositories. In this presentation, we will discuss the changes required to support KMM in a multi-repository environment, including the use of Maven and GitHub release.

We will also address the specific challenges encountered during the iOS process and share our opinionated best practices for mitigating these constraints. This will include generating a podspec, downloading private artifacts, and linking to iOS.

By the end of this presentation, you will have a better understanding of how to generate and distribute KMM artifacts across multiple repositories, as well as how to integrate them seamlessly into your apps.

Speaker Bio

Ritesh Gupta is a highly experienced Senior Staff iOS Engineer at a leading OTT platform, with a particular passion for creating Mobile Apps and Kotlin Multiplatform. He has a strong commitment to open-source contributions, having authored the 295th issue of the esteemed iOS-Dev-Weekly newsletter, as well as several articles published on Medium including Swift-Snippets and Swift-Sundae. He also maintains a blog at http://riteshhh.com/.