santosh astagi

Software Engineer - Meta Platforms

Talk Title

Upgrade Android Studio experience by building your own plugins






12:10 > 20 min


on Twitter

Android Studio allows anybody to build and integrate plugins in the IDE to customize/enhance the development experience. This talk will introduce the different options for plugin development weighing in the pros and cons, and the different capabilities that can be powered with plugins. This talk will also cover the different means available for plugin distribution - custom vs. marketplace. And finally, some guidance will be offered on strategizing plugin development (or not) based on team size, developer needs and/or incorporating plugin usage/team feedback.

Speaker Bio

Santosh Astagi is a software engineer at Meta Platforms building experiences for visual media and communities on the Messenger/Instagram app. Prior to Meta, Santosh was the technical lead for four years at Rally Health (acquired by United Health Care) leading the Android development on a family of health apps including fitness, wellbeing and coaching. Santosh has interests in Architecture, CI/CD setups and improving developer experience.