Sascha Schreier

PAYBACK GmbH, Android Developer now Team Lead

Talk Title

Taming Chaos and Building for the Future – Ergonomic Android Development through Modularization






15:15 > 40 min


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Are you hyperscaling teams and then working with a monolith of spaghetti code, frustrated team members, and a development process that feels like a never-ending nightmare?
Is your team AND codebase ready for scaling up?

This presentation will cover the technical  and social details of how we scaled to an android team of 13 (with all pitfalls ) while also improving developer ergonomics through the use of modularization. Specifically, the team moved from a monolith to a modularized app with over 50 modules, effectively eliminating cyclical dependencies and achieving proper encapsulation with categorized modules. The presentation will also discuss the challenges and lessons learned during the process and provide practical tips for other teams looking to implement similar strategies.

Speaker Bio

Android Developer and founder in several Startups about “Mobile Payment”, “Beacons”, “App Development” and then moved to PAYBACK to build the first mobile development team to build up the apps for multiple countries for millions of users (which are sometimes challenging 🙂 )