Sebastian Späth

MicroStream Software GmbH

Talk Title

Smarter data storage on Android






15:20 > 40 min


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For storing data on a device, it's obvious to use a mobile database. However, every database comes with its own specific data model, and thus object mapping is required. Now, data storage becomes super easy, and convenient on Android.

The open-source persistence engine MicroStream enables you now to simply serialize the state of your app completely or partially (delta only) on any Android device. Vice versa it enables you to restore the app state in RAM completely or only partially by deserializing specific object-references (subgraphs) when needed. 

MicroStream was initially built for JVM and server-side data persistence. It is part of Oracle's open-source microservice framework Helidon. Now, it is also available for Android.

After a short introduction we go through the code.

Speaker Bio

Als Senior Java Developer habe ich bei MicroStream in verschiedenen Projekten gearbeitet. In knapp 10 Jahren habe ich fast alle Stationen durchlaufen und mir dabei jede Menge unterschiedliches Know-how aneignen können. Über das tagtägliche Lösen technischer Support-Fälle, unzähliger Implementierungen kleinerer Features sowie Code-Reviews für unsere Flex-Support-Kunden sowie durch die intensive Mitarbeit in unserem QA-Team, wurde ich zum Experten für Software-Tests, Eclipse und Vaadin.