“When we set the upper limit of PC-DOS at 640K, we thought nobody would ever need that much memory. — William Gates, chairman of Microsoft.”
In our world, RAM is becoming cheaper and cheaper every day. Having a PC/Mac with 16GB RAM is no longer a big deal.
How about the mobile world? We are bombarded every year with devices with amazing specs: a flagship device with 4 GB RAM, an 8 GB device, or even one with 16 GB. On a desktop it really makes a difference. Is it the same on a smartphone? Even with 8GB of RAM, why does my app still crash when it runs out of memory?
During this talk, we will learn how Android memory management works, what SWAP, GC, Native Allocations and other technical terms are. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to write a junk-free and out-of-memory application. This will not be a lecture on “don’t allocate memory when you don’t need it,” but rather lessons learned when developing monday.com’s Android app.