Foldables offer large screens in a pocket-friendly form factor. They allow for a unique user experience by combining the best from smartphones and tablets. Google has refined Android to seamlessly integrate the new device category. Still, devs seem hesitant to embrace foldables. Let’s take away the doubts. In this workshop we’ll explore relevant APIs and libraries and learn about Do’s and Don’ts by examining the behaviour of important Google apps. We will be using Jetpack WindowManager in Jetpack Compose and View-based apps. We will also tackle legacy apps, because existing apps should work great on foldables, too.

What’s covered?
– What are foldable devices, what are their unique selling points?
– What challenges do the have for devs?
– Which APIs and libraries are relevant?
– What is Jetpack WindowManager and how is it used in both Java and Kotlin?
– How is the lib used in a Compose app, how in a View-Based app?
– How do you make an existing app foldable-aware?