Jetpack Compose Navigation by Google has so many drawbacks like no typesafety, specifying the whole NavGraph at startup and fuzzing around with ids.
It could all be so simple: Why not just define screens by typesafe data-classes and then navigate to them. Can it be so simple?
It can!
In this talk we will explore a super efficient and perfect way to navigate with Jetpack Compose by leveraging Voyager.
We will also compare the up and coming Voyager navigation library with Google’s Jetpack Compose Navigation and explain why Jetbrains uses Voyager in their samples.
You will learn how to do super easy, typesafe Navigation with custom Transitions in less than 10 minutes of setup.
As a next step we will use Voyager for Tabs and Dialogs and even show you how to take your Navigation Multiplatform for KMM.
Learn from our more-than-one-year in-production use of Jetpack Compose at IBM and get ready to ditch Fragments for good.