Shivam Verma

Senior Android Engineer, N26

Talk Title

Ensuring code-correctness with custom lint checks






11:25 > 20 min


on Twitter

With the help of a custom lint check from the N26 app's codebase, I will give an overview of how you can write new checks for your own project.

Key takeaways:
- What are lint checks for android projects
- How to write a custom lint check
- How to write tests for lint checks
- Some practical tips about getting started writing custom lint checks

Keywords: Lint, Code correctness, Preventing bugs.

Speaker Bio

Shivam is a Senior Android Engineer at N26, a leading neobank in Europe. In the past, he has worked on a video editor, a voice chat as well as a smart buttons app.

In his free time, Shivam loves riding a bike, bouldering and writing scripts to make his life easy.