Sowmya Guru

Consultant CTO and Freelance Android Developer

Talk Title

Fostering DEI, Belonging and Social Justice at Workplaces






09:20 > 40 min


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Have you wondered what DEI means?

What is the difference between equality and equity?

How are they related to social justice?

It’s not enough to hire women, LGBTQI+ or folks from different ethnicities to improve diversity. What is crucial to them staying, feeling comfortable and being heard is fostering a sense of purpose, belonging and fairness at workplaces.

In my talk I will try to explain each term and reasons as to why we need to make an effort not just as an individual but together as a group to help build diverse communities that thrive.

I want to propose an action-oriented approach that can be adopted at homes, communities and organisations so that people feel included, appreciated and encouraged to be their best authentic selves.

Speaker Bio

CEO at, Diversity and Inclusion Advocate at