Aida Issayeva

Staff Software Engineer & Google Developer Expert for Android

Talk Title

Android Builds: Simple Recipes to Enhance Developer Productivity






14:35 > 40 min


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Diving into Android build optimizations, this talk revisits seemingly minor adjustments that hold untapped potential for speeding up your build process.

Often overlooked or underestimated, these simple tweaks can be game-changers in enhancing build efficiency. I'll share insights from my experience at Toast where basic changes led to significant improvements, reminding you to give these solutions a second glance.

Whether it's fine-tuning gradle properties, leveraging incremental builds, or optimizing resource usage, this session aims to highlight the often-skimmed solutions that might just be the key to a faster build.

This session is ideal for developers looking to improve build times and enhance productivity, demonstrating that sometimes, the most impactful optimizations are also the most accessible.

Speaker Bio

Aida is a Software Engineer and Google Developer Expert for Android with over 9 years of experience building Android applications for various industries, ranging from cloud gaming services to satellite data communications to fintech. On a personal level, she’s that friend, who has a to-do list for the day, plans everything out, and creates itineraries hour-by-hour for everyone.